Hazardous Material Detection & Removal Planning and Monitoring in New York Schools

Celebrating Four Decades of Hazardous Material Detection and Remediation Plan Design for New York State Commercial and Civic Structures

Adelaide Environmental Health, established in 1983, has been a leader in helping public and private institutions such as schools, churches, prisons, and commercial entities identify hazardous materials within structures they own or manage, and then develop and monitor plans to remove these materials safely, efficiently and without significant interruption to normal activities within these buildings.  

Adelaide is a certified New York State Woman-Owned Business Enterprise. In addition, we are an approved consultant on the New York State Office of General Services roster. Government agencies that have contracted with Adelaide as a term, prime, or sub-consultant for a wide variety of projects include: GSA, USPS, DOT, DOD, DASNY, NYPA, SUCF, and numerous others.

Over 40 years of experience working in Public & Private Academic Structures

While we work in just about every type of commercial public or private structure across the state of New York – ranging from hospitals and churches to prisons, municipal buildings, or corporate and industrial settings, one area where we have deep experience is in academic settings.

Whether working for a municipal school district, such as Carmel, Harrison, New Paltz or Yonkers, for a state university like SUNY Buffalo, SUNY Plattsburgh, or SUNY Oneonta, or for a private entity such as the Archdiocese of New York or the Trinity-Pawling School, we know that these projects have to be conducted so as not to interfere with scholastic activities or within shortened and firm timelines during breaks or summer vacations.

For example, with large-scale projects, there is a brief two-month window for work to be done after which the building must be accessible and safe when the fall school session resumes. Additionally, we have to be very sensitive to emergency calls to ensure we are expedient in order to allow classes to begin as quickly as possible with minimal disruption on days when school is in session.

If you are looking for a hazardous material detection, abatement planning, and removal monitoring partner, we request you consider Adelaide Environmental Health Associates.

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