Celebrating 35 Years

Happy 35th Anniversary 35-years-silver-circle.jpg

 Adelaide Environmental Health Associates, Inc. celebrates 35 years in business this month. Established in 1983 in Binghamton NY the company is now headquartered in Brewster NY and services the entire state and is also licensed to provide environmental services in many of our 50 states.

The first order of business when the company was established? Helping the Binghamton State Office Building re-open to its occupants after a transformer fire erupted in the basement of the $17 million structure. The fire resulted in what has come to be known as the one of the most expensive indoor environmental disasters our nation has seen. The building was closed for clean-up and remediation for 5,000 days with expenses estimated at $53 million.

Read the full story here: http://wnbf.com/binghamton-biggest-indoor-environmental-disaster/

Adelaide has been driven by the desire to partner with clients to find a solution for the environmental hazard concerns and this focus has allowed them to embrace with pride a belief that remains to this day, “finding solutions versus turning away an opportunity because we are too busy with other interests. We are environmental consultants that is all we do!” notes John Soter, Senior Vice President.

John and Stephanie Soter purchased the company in 2000 after John ran the business under the prior ownership from 1998 to 2000. Stephanie, formerly a CPA, transitioned easily into the Presidency of Adelaide and the company was established as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) in the state of NY in late 2002.

The company earned a tremendous state contract with the New York State Office of General Services (OGS) in 2000 that remains through 2019, and they will seek to extend. Additionally, they have contracts with the New York Power Authority (NYPA), Federal General Service Administration, Archdiocese of New York and dozens of public-school districts including the second largest in the state. One would be hard pressed to find an educational facility, K-12 or university, in the state of New York where Adelaide does not have experience. Additionally, their portfolio includes commercial entities, correctional and psychiatric facilities; several of which require high security clearance to conduct business. Which speaks to the high level of experience, expertise, integrity, and confidentiality that the team possesses.

When asked WHY they do what they do, the husband and wife power couple agree, “We seek to find solutions for our clients and return their working environment to a healthy, hazard free space as quickly and cost effectively as possible. The challenges we face are not always straight forward and oftentimes require more intense attention to ensure protocol and adherence to changing regulations which are paramount in closing a successful project. Whether a large event, like Ground Zero, or a burst pipe at the local K-12 school, our attention to detail and passion for dedicated service and success drives our every move and decision.” With Adelaide every customer receives attention from the owners; no project is too small or large for their personal involvement.

Happy 35th Anniversary, Adelaide Environmental Health Associates, Inc. we look forward to many more years with you as the Masters in the Art of Hazardous Material Detection and Abatement Design.


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